Cumbrae’s leading practices in animal husbandry, humane dispatch, and expert butchery result in the best meat you’ll find in store, and also in over 50 of the region’s best restaurants.

“The beef has a unique smell and flavour that no other beef I've tried has. That is, in fact, why I buy Cumbrae’s beef. I like the 45 day aged bone-in ribeye côte de boeuf, for me it is the best example of their beef. I just roast it in a cast iron pan with lots of butter, garlic and salt. Maybe throw in a little thyme and rosemary, then I carve it up tableside. It will change the way you think about beef.”

Cory Vitiello 
The Harbord Room, Flock

“We age the rack of lamb in-house for 2 weeks, then we don’t really do anything to it, because it’s so good it doesn’t need anything done to it, so we just roast it medium rare and serve it to the customers. Other times we’ll bring in a lamb shoulder and cure it with merguez spices and roast it, then serve it as a sliced roast, spiced like a classic merguez”.

Patrick Kriss 

“I bring home the butterflied chicken and brine it for 48 hours, then sear in a cast iron pan and go low and slow in the oven, skin side down, until it’s done. Then just kiss the perfectly roasted bird with salsa verde. It’s my son’s favourite meal.”

Anthony Rose 
Wilder & Rose Restaurant Group

“At home we wrap cuts from the shoulder in wild grape leaves and herbs and grill over binchotan charcoal to medium rare.”

Michael Caballo and
Tobey Nemeth 

“Buttermilk fried chicken thighs from the Queen street store. Get ‘em sliced, buy the buns, kale slaw and horseradish mayo. Perfect picnic in Bellwoods.”

David Sax 
Author, The Tastemakers

“I noticed a beautiful piece of beef – rich, red, marbled. To my amazement I discovered that it was actually Berkshire pork from Brenda and Shane Forsythe. I had never seen pork like this before and soon learned that I also had never really eaten pork before. Since that day I have never used pork from anyone other than the Forsythe's. Tobey and I will always be thankful to Stephen for supporting farms like the Forsythe's and restaurants like ours.”

Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth

“Our customers expect nothing but the best from us, therefore we expect nothing but the best from our suppliers. Cumbrae’s, for years, has been supplying us with the highest quality customer service along with consistently delicious ribeyes.”

Grant van Gameren 
Bar Isabel

“Their lunch counter is one of my favourites in the city. And they’re my competition so that’s saying something.”

Cory Vitiello
The Harbord Room, Flock